Hunting Gnomes in Wroclaw/ Poland

Last summer I visited Poland for the first time, my destination was Wroclaw. A couple of days spent there were enough to taste the delicious Pierogi, spend a lovely afternoon on board a boat on the river Oder, watch a fountain and music spectacular at the Centennial Hall, become enchanted by the architecture and the friendly local people, interact with an art installation, and of course hunt gnomes!

In love with the Wroclaw Gnomes <3

Before going there I did a little research and it didn’t take me long to find out about those tiny little guys that are the symbol of the city. For someone who spent their childhood watching films about elves, dragons and all sort of magical creatures I was sure I would fall in love with Wroclaw, which I did, as you can see <3

The richest gnome in town, having his “cup of tea”
The gnome near the university
Italian gnome

The River Oder tour

From one gnome to another there were so many things to do and see that I couldn’t waste time. One of the most exciting activities is the boat tour along the river Oder, the prices are from 20 to 30 PLN. From the boat, you have a completely different perspective of the city landscape, and we were blessed with gorgeous weather during the entire trip. One suggestion is to take the boat cruise to go to the zoo.

River Oder cruise

The Multimedia Fountain

After the boat tour, the next stop was to see the beautiful Wroclaw multimedia fountain at Centennial Hall, one of the biggest in Europe. It was a hot sunny day, a perfect stop for ice cream and fresh water. The water danced in harmony with the songs, I totally lost track on time observing the spectacle, and the best thing is that it is free. However, you do have to pay to enter the Centennial Hall, which was the biggest enclosed open space of its time when it opened. As the fountain, the zoo and Centennial Hall are a bit further from the historical city centre we took a tram back. When in Poland the trams are great and you can normally buy tickets from kiosks next to the stop or on the tram, but always stamp your ticket when you get on.

Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain with Centennial Hall in the background

When art is interactive 🙂

Back on the gnome hunting, it was impossible to ignore the shape of the buildings, as a Brazilian, and spending most of my life surrounded by Portuguese styles of architecture I was blown away by the details of the facades, so different from anything I’d ever seen before. Suddenly a shiny shape caught my attention, it was the Ozkar Zieta’s sculpture right next to the canal. What I most liked about it is that, although it was a big piece of modern art surrounded by so many historical buildings, the artist managed to keep a certain harmony with the buildings and the river around, and we could actually touch and get very close to the artwork, and yes, I took many photos 🙂 The park, which is on an island, is known locally as a party island. It is illegal to drink in public in Poland however, if you return in the evening you will find hundreds of people picnicking, relaxing and drinking here on those warm summer nights.

The architecture in the city centre and the tourist gnome

I left Wroclaw surprised and delighted by everything I saw. It’s not just the cute gnomes, it’s a city full of life, art and because of the university you can feel that youthful vibe, but you can also feel the history of previous generations in the buildings and streets. Is a lovely city indeed. <3

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